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Register for Tele Med Clinix, mental health and wellness care that can help you learn about and improve your mental health. We match you with a licensed professional who will meet with you regularly and guide you on the path to recovery.

Teletherapy for Addiction and Mental Health.

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We offer an integrated approach, by working alongside doctors and counselors where appropriate, to provide the best overall care. As a standalone therapy or as a complement to other treatments, Tele Med Clinix provides an effective solution for many conditions.


Opioid Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Prescription Drug Abuse

Fentanyl Addiction


Heroin Addiction


Meth Addiction


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We are a private practice that aims to provide both high-quality and accessible healthcare for our patients. To achieve this goal, we employ the top physicians and staff members available in your region.

Tele Med Clinix has treated thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of conditions. Set in a multidisciplinary medical clinic, we have a close network of colleagues and consultants available to offer a truly integrated approach.

Tele Med Clinix - Suboxone, Buprenorphine Medicine for Drug Addiction

Over 7,000 clients served in 2021

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