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Telehealth MAT Services

Evidence-based, remote medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs designed to help you reach a place of sustainable recovery and mental health

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Your mental health is important to us.

Telehealth Psych Care for Addiction Recovery and Mental Wellness

Build healthy coping skills and learn how to avoid relapse with the help of professional telehealth treatment that includes MAT.

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Telehealth Psych Care for Addiction Recovery and Mental Wellness
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Addiction Treatment Programs

Individualized Telehealth MAT Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to addiction and mental health treatment. Every individual in our care has a unique story to tell, and our treatment plans are individualized to help them reach their goals. When you opt to receive medication-assisted treatment in the telehealth treatment program at Tele Med Clinix, you’ll find the targeted support you need.

This practice was absolutely phenomenal!! I was very hesitant to even pick up the phone to make the initial appointment. When I did I was immediately greeted with a friendly, caring and compassionate person. The process of scheduling my first visit was so easy and it’s been such a relief to finally begin a journey to a healthier me both mentally and physically. If you’re struggling with addiction or mental health this is the place I’d recommend.

Our Program

Program Summary

Telehealth MAT services should do more than just address the addiction or mental health concerns. It must take into account an individual’s medical needs, living situation, and any co-occurring health conditions that may be underlying factors in their behavioral health issues. It must also be able to serve the individuals in its care, whether they can physically be present at the treatment center or not. This is where remote treatment comes into play.

Benefits of Tele Med Clinix

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment at Tele Med Clinix

  • A supportive environment to promote healing
  • A network of support to provide accountability
  • The ability to focus solely on recovery
  • Treatment from a full medical team
  • Treatment available via telehealth to suit your schedule
What We Do

Treatment Phases

Our research shows that those who finish our telehealth MAT services may be less likely to relapse and more likely to remain in recovery for longer periods of time. It’s also critical to have an aftercare plan in place for when you finish our telehealth program, and it’s time for you to return to your regular lifestyle.


Once you have taken the first step of reaching out for help, you can begin our online treatment program, where we will focus on identifying the root causes of your behavioral health concerns or substance use issues.


Transition out of our online treatment program and into a more flexible alumni program. You will have support as you go back to your regular lifestyle and put what you learned in the treatment phase into practice. 

The Support You Need, When You Need It

Discover how a MAT program can help you or a loved one today.

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Why Tele Med Clinix Is built for you

Our Approach to Treating Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Concerns

A range of therapies and services can help address the physical and mental effects of addiction:

Comprehensive Assessments

A well-rounded approach addressing your physical, psychological, and emotional health

Personalized Treatment Plans

Tailored recovery plans and support that fit your unique needs and put you on the path to genuine recovery

Medication Management

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) that utilizes FDA-approved medications to support your recovery

Ongoing Support

Recovery support at your fingertips, no matter where you are

How much does treatment cost?

Paying for Our Telehealth MAT Services

The cost of treatment should never be a roadblock to recovery. At Tele Med Clinix, we design personalized treatment plans that address the needs of every individual in our care, and the cost of treatment can vary. However, we work with most major health plans to reduce out-of-pocket costs and make treatment as accessible as possible. Verify your insurance today to see if your provider will cover your treatment.

Your Journey to Recovery Starts Here

Take the courageous first step toward a new chapter in your life. Reach out for medication-assisted treatment today by calling Tele Med Clinix or connecting with our team online.

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