4 things To Do This St. Patrick’s Day – That DON’T Involve Drinking:

The celebration of St. Patrick’s day observes the death of Ireland’s patron saint, and has become a corner-stone celebration of Irish culture ever since it’s establishment in 1631.

With It’s delicious food, lively music, dancing, and emerald attire as far as the eye can see – It is no wonder that the festive holiday is now celebrated in over 50 countries around the world!

Staying Sober For St. Patrick’s Day

Although St. Patrick’s day is commonly known as a “Drinking Holiday”, there are many reasons someone may want to stay sober for the occasion. Unfortunately, many people feel as though they cannot celebrate the holiday at all unless they are drinking – which isn’t true at all!

Realistically, there are countless ways to enjoy the festivities, many of which are completely alcohol free. Let’s go over a few of them:

1. Learning About Irish Culture

While millions around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s day, very few actually use the occasion to truly learn about, and embrace Irish culture. Ireland is home to a rich culture, full of unique music, dances, food, art, and folklore. With a vast history spanning back thousands of years – there is much to discover about the Irish culture and what better day to make these discoveries, than an Irish Holiday!

2. Try Out A Traditional Recipe

Like we mentioned before, Ireland is home to many traditions. One of these includes traditional meals and recipes – most of which have been passed down for generations.

Try your hand at a traditional meal at home, or host a pot-luck with one of these delicious recipes.

3. Learn Some Gaelic

The Gaelic language in Ireland – Gaeilge, or Irish as it’s known locally – is a Celtic language and is known to be one of “the oldest and most historic written languages in the world”. It’s poetic flow can be heard across the country, throughout the shops, pubs, streets, schools and festivals of the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) regions.

Only about 60,000 people in the world speak the Gaelic Language. Which is a very small amount compared to English (360 million speakers) or Spanish (580 million speakers). What better way to celebrate than to explore such a unique language!

You can find lessons here.

4. Listen to Irish FolkLore And Music

Listening to traditional stories of Irish folklore can be entertaining for any age! Featuring tales of banshees, fairies, leprechauns, and much more – most of these stories have been passed down for hundreds of years. Many tales also include accompanying dances and songs, so gather your friends and family and take turns singing and dancing!

You can find Irish FolkLore here.

Get Support This St. Patrick’s day

Whether you’re just beginning your sobriety journey, or have been on it for awhile – Tele Med Clinix is here when you need us. If you or a loved one needs additional support this St. Patrick’s day, or any other day – we are available 24/7 via our online booking portal. There you can schedule a FREE call with one of our professionals, or you can visit our website, where you can learn more about how TMC can be there for you – every step of the way.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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