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Efficient and collaborative referral process to seamlessly transition patients, providing high-quality and personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Staffing Solutions

Expert staffing services with highly qualified professionals to meet the specific needs of your facility, ensuring seamless integration and optimal patient outcomes.

Medical Privileges

Convenient medical privileges to see patients at your facility, coupled with streamlined billing processes to alleviate administrative burden

Outpatient Clinix FAQ

We’ve streamlined the referral process through our dedicated portal, ensuring that your clients are seen promptly. You’ll also have the advantage of tracking their progress and receiving real-time updates.

To expedite the process, we request the patient’s name and contact information as a minimum requirement. Additionally, providing their insurance details, if applicable, will help us accelerate the process further.

Our world-class medical and clinical team is equipped to handle a wide range of mental health, behavioral, and addiction care needs. As long as the client is a good fit for telehealth services, we’re ready to provide comprehensive assistance.

With our dedicated portal, you can stay informed about the progress of your referred patients every step of the way. Our team will keep you and your staff updated, ensuring seamless communication throughout the treatment process.

Recognizing the limited availability and stigma associated with psychiatric and addiction care, we prioritize prompt access to our services. We aim to accommodate referrals within a maximum of two business days, and often, we are able to offer same-day appointments, providing timely and effective care for your clients.

Staffing Care FAQ

White Label Medical & Psych Care For Your Facility

The smarter, more cost-effective way to care for your patients. Tele Med Clinix takes pride in providing exceptional service and medical care – when, and where you need us.
Our team stands ready for histories & physicals, psychiatric evaluations, MAT services, and medical consultations all year round.

Our staffing programs consist of a group of physicians, nurses, and staff who specialize in behavioral health and treating addiction. We are able to cover your physician needs from Detox all the way through outpatient and even support your patients through their continuum of care.

All of our licensed professionals will provide the necessary medical credentials to meet your insurance billing needs. In order to get in-network with commercial or government insurance panels.

All of our pricing is available upon request. Our model operates on a per touch model versus the traditional contract or hourly rates.

Tele Med Clinix offers an exclusive Medical Director service that is available upon approval and vetting. If your facility meets our requisites, we can provide you with top-notch medical directorship to enhance your addiction treatment program. Let’s work together to ensure your facility is equipped with the best leadership and expertise.

Starting a new facility can be a complex process, but don’t you worry. We’ve got your back when it comes to getting credentialed and licensed. We’ll provide you with all the necessary medical credentials to facilitate the licensing component of your facility, so you can focus on getting things kicked off without a hitch.

When you’re ready to open those doors and welcome your first batch of patients, our top-notch medical team will be right there, ready to roll. No waiting around or scrambling to find providers. We’ve got you covered from day one, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition into serving your patients and making a powerful impact in their lives.

Our clinicians hold DEA’s Waiver, allowing them to provide comprehensive medication management, including controlled substances such as suboxone, Vivitrol, and detox tapers. We’re fully equipped to support medication-assisted treatment at your treatment center. Let’s ensure your patients receive the best care possible with our expert medication management services.

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At Tele Med Clinix, we offer white-label medical and psychiatric staffing services tailored to your facility’s requirements. With our dedicated team of experienced providers, we provide comprehensive and reliable staffing solutions to ensure quality care for your patients.