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Tele Med Clinix’s patient care staff provides psychiatric services, addiction treatment, and counseling for patients with all types of mental illness, addictions, and psychological disorders. Tele Med Clinix medical providers are board-certified, so you can ensure that your children or elderly family members are carefully evaluated from the proper mental health perspective.

Tele Med Clinix is conveniently located in Central Florida to make it easier for you or your family members to access psychiatric or psychological assessments in person or via telehealth from the comfort of your home.

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Professional Team

David Knight

CEO | Co-Founder

Luis Delgado CAP

COO | Co-Founder

Terry Biemer PA-C

CMO | Co-Founder

Dr. Cesar Gonzales MD

Louisiana Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nelson Pichardo, MD

Psychiatrist | Addiction Medicine

Dr. Mark Adlen DO

Medical Director

Abbie Hurley

Practice Manager

Jeremy Bartolomei MA

Medical Assistant

Care Team

Amanda Davis CAQ PA

Psychiatric Physician Assistant

Dr. Marilyn Card PhD.

Psychologist, LMHC

Dr. Breck Baker, PMHNP, DNP

Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner​

Catherine Barton, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Heather Leonardy, PMHNP

Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner

Dr. Donna Sewell

Licensed clinical social worker

Canine Support Team

Paul The Dog

Chief Canine Officer

Oliver Hurley

Emotional Support Pup

Qualified Providers

With decades of experience treating substance use disorders and addictions with underlying mental health conditions. Our providers are at the forefront of treatment practices today.

Fast Response

Focused on helping those in a timely manner is our priority, we understand the window for someone seeking help is crucial and our priority is being that helping hand immediately.

Easy Checkups

Starting with our free consultation, it allows us to help create a recovery action plan which speeds up the process of treating SUD and mental health problems in the best efficient manner.

Safe & Secure

Our tele-medicine practice is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, and HITECH compliant: We meet global security requirements. Privacy and confidentiality are of our utmost importance.

Your Recovery. Our Mission.

Our Guarantee

Recovery doesn’t have to be a journey traveled alone. Contact us today and we can begin paving the road to lasting recovery, together.

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