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Concierge Addiction Treatment

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giving you the best options for Outpatient addiction treatment.

We are proud to provide an extensive range of addiction treatment services, for drug and alcohol abuse. Giving you the ability to build a treatment plan specific to your individual needs.

Services available to you include:

• Addiction Psychiatry treatment - Our Substance Use program re-defines outpatient SU treatment by prioritizing the mental health of our patients, treating addiction at the source.

• Telemedicine services - Available anywhere, anytime, from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Feel at ease from the comfort of your home, while continuing to receive the high-quality medical care you deserve.

• Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) - Combines therapy and medications to help ensure lasting recovery from substance abuse.

• Concierge Addiction Treatment - a VIP membership-style addiction treatment experience offered by our Sanford Clinic for those seeking the highest quality care possible.

• Certified Peer Recovery Services - Our CRPS specialists make all the difference in the recovery process, and significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse.

• Recovery doesn't have to be a journey traveled alone. Contact us today and we can begin paving the road to lasting recovery, together.

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