Contractual Services for providers and treatment facilities.

What we do

On-site medical & psych for your facility

The smarter, more cost-effective way to care for your patients. Tele Med Clinix takes pride in providing exceptional service and medical care - when, and where you need us.
Our team stands ready for on-site administering, physical exams, psych services, or medical consultations, 24/7.
Holidays included. We look forward to serving your facility,

Tele Med Clinix providers have been delivering on-site healthcare to the addiction industry for over a decade.

We have proudly served thousands of patients. Recently, we have added care for patients in the Central Florida area. Our healthcare team can be provided in a variety of settings to meet the needs of your practice, in person or tele-health to meet your physician staffing needs.

Services Available


What levels of care do you cover?

Our on-site care programs consist of a group of physicians, nurses, and staff who specialize in treating addiction. We are able to cover your physician needs from Detox all the way through outpatient and even support your patients through their continuum of care.

How does the pricing work?

Our prices are traditionally less than Medicare rates in order to give your facility a margin of profit from insurance payors, all of our prices are available upon request. Invoices are net 30 meaning payment is due thirty days after the invoice date.

Can we put your providers on our insurance panels?

All of our licensed professionals will provide the necessary medical credentials to meet your insurance billing needs. In order to get in-network with commercial or government insurance panels.

Do you provide medical director services?

Per law, each individual medical directors can oversee a maximum of 5 treatment facilities. Because of this Tele Med Clinix provides a very exclusive Medical Director service, upon approval and vetting this is a service that can be provided if your facility meets Tele Med Clinix’s requisites.  

Do you prescribe controlled substances?

All of our clinicians hold DEA’s Waiver 2000 to provide the necessary medication management with controlled substances such as suboxone, Vivitrol, and tapers for those eligible for medication-assisted treatment at your treatment center.

How does the scheduling work?

We are available 24/7 to care for your residents’ health and wellbeing during the initial steps of recovery. Once signed up we can set a schedule to be available for your patients on-site or via tele-med anywhere from one day a week to seven days a week. You are in control of how often you need our services and you only pay for the services provided, no added fees. 

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